Malloy And Pryor Get Bashed For Listening To Teachers?

This is a new one. Governor Malloy and Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor are being bashed for listening to teacher concerns.


Last Tuesday, Governor Malloy announced a one year roll back of the state’s new teacher evaluation system. The state Department of Education requested a waiver from the federal government in order to address teacher concerns. School districts will now have the option to “decouple” student test scores from teacher evaluations for one more year, according to the Hartford Courant. [Hartford Courant, 2/2/2014]

In addition, the governor announced he would establish a Common Core working group of teachers to review the state’s implementation of the standards.

Observers with common sense would applaud the governor for his willingness to work with stakeholders and his dedication to the making sure reform is done right.

Of course, so-called “education blogger “Jon Pelto bashed Malloy and Pryor for these decisions, which he claimed were mere “political maneuvering.” This is all too expected from a guy who makes a living making things up to be outraged about.

Pelto and his gang weren’t the only ones to bash Malloy and Pryor. State Senate Majority Leader John McKinney, who is also running for Governor, called for Pryor’s resignation on Tuesday.

In the heels of the governor’s announcement to work more closely with teachers and other stakeholders on the implementation of the Common Core and the new teacher evaluation system, McKinney accused the state Department of Education of causing “upheaval” among educators.

What exactly is McKinney upset about? Is he upset that Malloy and Pryor are working with teachers to make sure one of the most important and sweeping education reforms to hit Connecticut will run smoothly? Is he upset that they’re being responsive to educator concerns?



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