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Majority Board Members Attempt to Silence Minority Party on the School Board

Let’s be honest, as far as the Working Families Party-controlled school board is concerned, former Board Chair Rev. Kenneth Moales’ greatest sin is being too outspoken.

That’s precisely why the board voted 6-1 at Tuesday night’s meeting in favor of asking City Attorney Mark Anasazi to look into whether Moales’ connection to the Kingdom Little One Day Care constitutes a conflict of interest — which it most likely does not.

A conflict of interest would exist if Moales voted directly on giving money to Kingdom Little Ones, where he is listed as its CEO, or its competitors. That never happened. The state voted on, and awarded, Kingdom Little Ones’ 60 school readiness slots, not the Bridgeport Board of Education. Even if Moales’ interests are conflicted, he would simply have to recuse himself if the topic ever came up (which will probably never happen).

That leaves us with a question: Why is the board trying to remove Moales?

For anyone who’s attended board meetings, the answer is clear. Moales is a passionate supporter of charter schools and has been a thorn in the side of both the Working Families Party board members and their union backers for a long time.

Let’s not forget, this isn’t the first time the Sauda Baraka led-board took action against her most outspoken opponent.

About two months ago, after a heated argument between Baraka and Moales, Baraka demanded that Moales be censured. This motion was hastily approved by the board, who, in turn, had absolutely no idea how pointless such a motion was.

You see, since the board is elected by the public (a fact of which we are reminded at each and every board meeting), you can’t just stop a member from speaking.

Whether they like it or not, he was elected by the people of Bridgeport.

That’s why certain board members jumped at the opportunity to take action on the extremely convenient and completely bogus allegation that Moales was suddenly in violation of the board’s ethics policy.

The fact is, the board knows all this. They know they don’t vote on the state’s childhood readiness grant.

But that fact doesn’t matter when they can jump on a chance to marginalize their opposition.



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