Lopez’s Top Priority is Certainly Not Bridgeport’s Kids

Activist judge Carmen Lopez wrote recently that a “third-party candidate might be just what Connecticut needs,” proving once again that the best interest of Bridgeport’s kids is not anywhere near her top priority.

Bridgeport, you see, has a problem. Only two out of every 10 3rd graders who speak English as a second language can read at grade level.

That is hundreds, if not thousands of kids, falling through the cracks every year.

So, why are former Superior Court judge Lopez and her handlers on the Bridgeport Board of Education against newly approved and soon-to-open public charter school Great Oaks?

It’s certainly not out of care or concern for Bridgeport’s large and growing population of English language learners. The school is designed to work with that group of kids, those who don’t speak English at home.

Lopez wrote her not-camouflaged-at-all Jon Pelto love-fest in CT Latino News. Pelto, too, is against Great Oaks and other public charter schools.

Essentially, Lopez was telling readers to align themselves against the initiatives that can best educate their children.


Keep in mind, Carmen Lopez is the Working Families Party-aligned activist judge who filed a spurious lawsuit against the Board of Education, ultimately costing the city more than $1 million in legal fees. The case was unceremoniously tossed out of court.

Nowadays, Lopez moonlights as the unofficial legal advisor to the very same Board of education she sued one year ago, which of course makes total sense. Apparently, in her spare time, she’s working to get Jon Pelto elected.

But perhaps the best comment on Lopez’s endorsement of Jon Pelto came from a commenter called “Bob” on

“The last time we had a third-party governor we got Lowell Weicker,” “Bob” wrote. “Remember the income tax? Remember Weicker telling Bridgeport basically to go to hell in regards to a casino? One term was enough to put the nail in the coffin for Connecticut’s most populated city.”



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