Jon Pelto’s Glass House & The $150,000 Spent On A School Board Race

Jon Pelto, excitable-hack extraordinaire, recently pointed out that the “corporate education reform industry,” a group of people and organizations loosely related except in Pelto’s feverish delusions, has given the Malloy campaign $100,000 through the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee.

However, it’s worth noting that is still less than what the labor union Connecticut Education Association spent on last year’s Bridgeport Board of Education race.

Yes, the Connecticut Education Association spent over $138,000 dollars on a school board race… And that’s just in independent expenditures.

The CEA and AFT gave the Working Families Party over $11,500 in campaign contributions last year. That means that the two teachers unions collectively spent at least $156,500 on one school board race.

But, sure, it’s really about the governor’s race and has nothing to do with the money Pelto’s being paid to shill on behalf of those who care more about their jobs and cheap political points than the best interest of kids.



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