Jon Pelto Supports Choice… Except When it Comes to Your Children

This Sunday, while on Face the State with Dennis House, long shot third party gubernatorial candidate Jon Pelto said something so hypocritical I couldn’t believe my ears.

He told House that he believed that “democracy is about giving people choices.”

Let me repeat that. The same Jon Pelto that has been railing against giving Connecticut’s families a choice in the education of their children for years is saying “democracy is about giving people choices.”

Apparently Pelto was against choice before he was for it.

How can you say “choice” is fundamental to democracy while at the same time fighting against choice for thousands of students stuck in underperforming and failing schools?

Where are their choices?

For those wondering, the issue of choice came up in the interview when Pelto was asked why he was forging forward with a clearly futile bid for governor. You see, earlier in the interview Pelto himself admitted that he is unlikely to win in November.

So when he answered, by saying “democracy is about giving people choices,” what he meant was it’s about “giving people choices” when it benefits me.

For the thousands of Connecticut children stuck in failing schools, Pelto doesn’t believe in the same democratic ideals that he uses to justify his candidacy. No, for them, Pelto insists on the status quo.



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