Jon Pelto Is The Cause Of His Own Complaints … Again

Jon Pelto would poison a well and then blame you for buying the antidote—metaphorically speaking, of course.

The “Education Blogger” is at it again, playing political games with our children’s futures, railing against Common Core.

This time, Pelto takes issue with the state’s decision to spend some money on educating the public about Common Core, one of the most sweeping education initiatives to hit Connecticut since, well, ever.

The intention of the Common Core State Standards is to prepare students across the country for 21st century careers, a fact of which most in Connecticut are already aware. So, why must our state take time and money to convince parents and teachers its value?

Newsflash: Because of you, Jon Pelto.

You and your ilk are the reason Connecticut needs to spend our hard-earned taxes setting the record straight on Common Core. You and your ill-informed buddies are the ones who twisted the facts in the first place.

You have blasted Common Core every chance you had, spreading misinformation, inciting enmity, and just plain lying when the facts wouldn’t suit.

You, and whoever pays your graft, are why Connecticut must spend taxpayer dollars to correct maliciously disseminated falsehoods and educate parents and teachers on the benefits of Common Core?

You are the reason this money must be spent. And you have some nerve complaining now that your lies are being refuted.

Here’s another newsflash, Mr. Pelto: The Common Core is here. It has been brought to Connecticut whether you like it or not. Now the state must spend time and money correcting problems you and your cadre of wannabe muckrakers created, when it could be spending time and money implementing a program that might actually do Connecticut kids some good.



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