Jon Pelto Fears He Won’t Make The Ballot

In case you missed it, over the weekend Jon Pelto finally admitted that perhaps his bid for governor was a bit far-fetched after all.

He told Hartford Courant’s Christopher Keating that he feared he would not reach the necessary 7,500 signatures to make it on the ballot:

“It’s not looking good,” Pelto said Saturday. “I am increasingly concerned the situation is starting to look grim. It is clear that we submitted far fewer petitions than I had expected. … I may be wrong. But for the first time, I think we may fall short.”

On Aug 7, Pelto told the Connecticut Mirror that he and his supporters submitted between 8,000 and 9,000 signatures. However, he recently told the Hartford Courant that, so far, the Secretary of State‘s office found that 900 of his signatures turned out to be from people who weren’t registered voters in the state of Connecticut.

Yeah, I would say that’s cause for concern.

Pelto is still delusional as ever, claiming that despite name recognition hovering at five percent, less than $8,000 in his campaign account and significant trouble collecting petition signatures from 7,500 of the 2,172,400 registered voters in Connecticut, he could take between 50,000 to 100,000 votes away from Malloy:

“I’m sure there will be lots of cheering in the Malloy camp and with union leaders because, conservatively, I think I would have been taking 50,000 to 100,000 votes,” Pelto said.

Believe it or not, Pelto is contemplating forging forward even if the Secretary of State’s office rejects his bid for ballot access.

Last week, Pelto threatened to sue the state if he didn’t make it on the November ballot to challenge Malloy.

Since then he has admitted to the Hartford Courant that “a potential court fight on disputed signatures might be fruitless if he is not close enough to the threshold” — not that the futility of a task has ever stopped Pelto before.

Officials have until about mid-week to finish verifying signatures. I guess we will have to wait and see.



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