Jon Pelto Falsely Claims That FUSE Received “No Bid” Contracts To Run Schools

We all know Jon Pelto has no respect for facts or journalistic integrity, but I thought at the very least he would have respect for the parents of Hartford and Bridgeport. I guess I was wrong.

In a recent post, Pelto claims that Family Urban Schools of Excellence (FUSE) was given “no bid” contracts to take over the management of Milner Elementary School in Hartford and Dunbar Elementary in Bridgeport.

Milner and Dunbar are both Commissioners’ Network Schools, a detail Pelto failed to mention in his grand exposé on “corporate greed.”

For those unaware, the Commissioner’s Network is a program designed to help turnaround the state’s lowest performing schools. During the process districts form “turnaround” committees, composed of district, community and union representatives, who develop a new model for the school. They chose FUSE.

When Pelto made disparaging and false comments about the process of choosing the FUSE model at Milner and Dunbar, what he’s really saying to communities: You don’t have the right to determine who runs your schools.

No, according to Pelto, he knows best.

He doesn’t care that the Milner and Dunbar communities choose FUSE.

Nor does he care that prior to the Commissioner’s Network, only 4 students in each third grade class of 30 were reading at grade level at Dunbar. To him, it’s inconsequential that only 13 percent of eighth graders graduating from Dunbar were reading at grade level.

Nope, for Pelto it’s all about “exposing” a conspiracy, regardless of whether it’s real or not.



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