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Jon Pelto Bashes Common Core Supporters; Many of Them Teachers

Jon Pelto does it again! With the arrogance only a washed-up political hack could muster, Pelto spouts a phrase so false and hypocritical it boggles the mind.

In a recent email blast about yesterday’s state legislative public forum on the Common Core, he wrote:

“First, most of these people who support the Common Core and its absurd testing system wouldn’t last a day in an American classroom.”

That’s interesting! While I was unable to watch all 12 hours of the public hearing, I did take a look at quite a bit of the written testimony which can be found on the State General Assembly’s website.

Since I write a blog about Bridgeport, I specifically read the testimony submitted by Bridgeport teachers, because I was curious about how they felt about the standards.

Here’s what I found: All three Bridgeport teachers who submitted written testimony specifically on House Bill 5078 opposed it!

Yes. ACTUAL TEACHERS, who sure as Hell have more experience handling themselves in an American classroom than Jon Pelto, opposed the moratorium!

Not only that, they all support the Common Core.

Blackham school teacher Christine O’Neil wrote that, while she’s scared of the changes, she is “more scared about what will happen to our students or our future society if we don’t make this adjustment and hold all students to the same high expectations.”

Ryan Bell a math teacher at Bassick High School said he supported the Common Core Standards because he witnessed his students become more engaged. He added, “The focus of depth over breadth, key standards for math practice, and cohesive and developmentally appropriate progress offer great potential for both teachers and students.”

As you can see, there are plenty of Common Core supporters who I wager can make it through much more than a day in a classroom.


For those interested in reading what Bridgeport teachers have to say about the Common Core, I’ve added the full text of their testimony below:

Blackham School Christine ONeil

Bassick High School Ryan Bell

Central HS Bridgeport Brianna Altieri



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