John Bagley Resigns from Bridgeport BOE

Apparently the rumors are true. According to Lennie Grimaldi at Only in Bridgeport, John Bagley has officially resigned from the Bridgeport Board of Education as of this Wednesday.

One could speculate his resignation could have something to do with his recent feud with Board Chair Sauda Baraka and Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz.

As reported on Education Bridgeport! last week, Bagley sent an email to Rabinowitz (and members of the press), accusing the chair and superintendent of holding a secret, “closed-door” meeting on Harding High School without inviting him. In reality, he was sent a Google Calendar invitation to the meeting.

His response to Rabinowitz after she showed him the invitation was far from pleasant– though, none of this was mentioned in his letter of resignation. In fact, no reason was given for this sudden break from the board.

Here is an excerpt from his letter posted on OIB:

“This is to serve as notice of my resignation from the position of elected member of the Bridgeport Board of Education, effective immediately. It has been a privilege to serve the people of the City of Bridgeport during my time on the Bridgeport Board of Education.”

Now of course the question is, who will take his place?



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