Is Pereira Threatening New Lawsuit Over Charters?

Internet-troll extraordinaire Maria Pereira is at it again!

Pereira, never one to back down from a virtual fight… or any fight for that matter, however ill-advised, left an irate comment on a recent Connecticut Mirror article.

The article in question centered on the state Board of Education’s approval of four new charter schools, including two in Bridgeport.

Rather than be excited for Bridgeport families who will now have more educational options than ever before, Pereira is infuriated that her side didn’t “win.”

Here I am thinking that the end game was about making sure all children have access to quality education. Silly me.

Here’s her comment:

“Howard Gardner is not a teacher or BEA member. I believe you are referring to Rob Traber. Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. Bridgeport sent Vallas packing, reversed the illegal takeover of the BBOE, recently defeated 3 pro-charter schools BOE candidates and defeated a charter referendum allowing mayoral control of our BOE. Malloy, Finch and the SBOE have done nothing but disrespect the residents of Bridgeport and they should certainly know by now, that Bridgeport will not take this lying down. This vote was not unexpected and we are ready to move to Plan B!”

“Moving to Plan B?” One could only imagine what that could mean coming from Pereira.

If recent history tells us anything, Pereira’s “Plan B” is most likely another lawsuit—you know, kind of like the lawsuit filed by Pereira’s buddy Carmen Lopez last year, which wasted thousands in taxpayer dollars only to have the state Supreme Court rule that the lawsuit should have never made it to trial…

The real question is who will file this lawsuit? Will the Bridgeport Board of Education again sue the state? Or will it be Lopez or another Working Families Party lackey?

I sure hope I’m wrong about this. The last thing Bridgeport needs is another divisive and costly lawsuit.



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