How Much Money Does Jon Pelto Really Make for Attacking School Principals?

Who does Jon Pelto think he’s kidding?

When Rick Green over at the Hartford Courant’s Capitol Watch blog asked Pelto who pays the bills, the not-precisely-accurate ex-politician’s response was laughable.

“Pelto said he raises about $7,000 annually to pay for his blog,” Green wrote.

Don’t believe it for a second. No fewer than three times a day, seven days a week, Pelto posts haranguing attacks on our governor, education commissioner, school superintendents and principals.

Each one of those posts is hundreds, sometimes thousands of words in length.

And he does it for free? Yeah, excuse me while I have a laughing fit in the corner.

For example, when Pelto was lamely and ineffectually attacking principal and magnet school founder Steve Perry for sending tweets, he decided that Perry’s tweeting had cost the city “well in excess of $10,000.”

How he arrived at that figure, no one knows. But now that he’s made it up, he repeats it as fact every chance he gets.

Pelto, meanwhile, has tweeted 1,487 times and posted hundreds of times on his blog. Each one of those posts and tweets was politically motivated, and we’re supposed to believe that a 53-year-old man with two kids living in ritzy Mansfield does it for $7,000 a year?

Make no mistake, that $7,000 to which Pelto admitted is merely the tip of the iceberg, and unfortunately, Connecticut’s schools are the Titanic in this metaphor.

The most frightening part of this scenario is that Jon Pelto and his shadowy funders feel perfectly comfortable hiding their influence, pulling the strings in the dark while kids in urban school districts like Bridgeport suffer.



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