How Many of Pelto’s Signatures are Written in Red Ink?

So Jon Pelto says he has enough signatures to get on the ballot. My question is, how many of those signatures are:

A. From “voters” whose primary residence is a cemetery

B. Republicans

C. Pelto’s extended family

D. Wendy Lecker’s extended family

E. Sarah Littman’s extended family

F. Results from an online random name generator

I guess that’s up to Secretary of the State Denise Merrill to figure out though, considering Pelto’s apparent deal with the state GOP, the answer is probably B. Please be sure to use a #2 pencil.

The larger concern is how much Pelto makes up facts to support his candidacy, and there is no state agency dedicated to verifying a candidate’s lies. That’s up to the voters.

For example, the Courant quotes Pelto’s assertion that “every single” Connecticut charter school “has between 40 percent and 50 percent fewer poor children” than nearby traditional public schools.

That statistic is pulled right out of Pelto’s … vivid imagination. Anybody with even a cursory knowledge of public charter schools in Connecticut could call that out as the bunkum it is. And it’s baffling that the Courant didn’t take two minutes to call the State Department of Education and see if he’s telling the truth (he isn’t).

While it is entirely possible Pelto’s ballot signatures are made up, the reality is probably far more sinister. Republicans want Pelto on the ballot as a foil, so many signatures will be written in red ink, for sure. Former GOP Chairman Chris Healy admitted as much last week.

But beyond Republicans, Pelto’s base is the choir to which he preaches, the unfortunate folks who eat his dubious “facts” whole and are the victims of his scare tactics.



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