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Hartford Parents Are Saying Enough: Gear Up For Potential Legal Action Over Report Showing District Ignored Child Abuse Allegations

In response to an Office Of The Child Advocate (OCA) report released two weeks ago that showed that Hartford Public Schools systematically ignored allegations of child abuse, parents organized by a coalition of groups including the Connecticut Parents Union are gearing up for a potential legal battle.

The Hartford Courant has the story:

“On Thursday night, about a dozen Hartford parents and their children — the youngest ones passing the time with crayons and coloring books — gathered in a room in the state Legislative Office Building to hear about their options. Samuel, joined by a civil rights lawyer and Hartford Rep. Minnie Gonzalez, advised the parent leaders to collect stories of abuse and to spread the word to other families…

Although the city schools have adopted a corrective action plan, which includes steps to retrain employees on mandated reporter laws and possibly firing those who failed their duty, “None of them say how they’re going to make your children whole,” Samuel said. For students who have already been abused, “there’s no way that you can unrung this bell…”

To read full article here’s a link.

For more on the OCA report, here’s a piece I wrote on it: Allegations Of Child Abuse Were Flatly Ignored In Hartford – Where Is the Outrage

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