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Hartford BOE Relies On Reason And Rules, Thank Goodness

Maybe we should forgive Jon Pelto for forgetting what “executive session” means. After all, he hasn’t been relevant for a few decades.

The excitable-if-not-precisely-accurate politician-turned-activist blogger has been yammering on for weeks now about a Hartford Board of Education executive session during which the subject was to be Capital Prep Founder and Principal Dr. Steve Perry.

In case you are not familiar with the phrase, an executive session is a private discussion held by Boards of Education and other, similar bodies that are not considered suitable for the public ear. Executive sessions are completely legal, common occurrences throughout democratic nations, and are usually called when there are legal or personnel issues to discuss.

Pelto knew it was an executive session, because he called it an “executive session” in his own headlines.

Repeatedly. For weeks on end.

Surprise, surprise, when the executive session actually happened, none of Pelto’s cronies was allowed to spout hate about the principal. None of the pre-arranged diatribes were allowed to take place.

Why? Because it was … say it with me now … an executive session.

What did Pelto think was going to happen? Did he imagine the Hartford Board of Education would hold a kangaroo court on the town square and allow Pelto’s shills to toss snowballs in Perry’s direction?

Maybe that’s how things are done in Peltoland, but this is the United States of America.

But hey, no matter. We’re talking about Jon Pelto here, so the truth isn’t a factor. Executive session or not, Pelto still lobs accusations at the mayor and the Board of Education, accusing the board chair of a “procedural maneuver.”

Thank goodness for procedural maneuvers like that.



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