Harding High School Hysteria Unfounded

Readers might remember all the hysteria surrounding the approval of Harding High School’s site plan.

Committee meetings were high-jacked by activists, with the majority on the board led by Chair Sauda Baraka her cohort Jon Bagley doing everything in their power to delay or halt the approval of the project’s site plan, claiming that the city was bamboozling them into fully approving the project.

Evidently, they were wrong.

Clearly the city wasn’t trying to bamboozle anyone, only move the process along, since it appears there will be many more hoops to jump before the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will issue a Stewardship Permit.

Meaning, the site will not be allowed to change hands, from General Electric to the city until the Remediation Action Plan is fully approved by DEEP—a process the agency isn’t taking lightly. Which is good, since that’s their job.

According to the Connecticut Post’s Linda Lambeck, DEEP who has been reviewing the remediation plan since April 25, sent a 5-page letter to GE and city officials asking technical questions about the removal of toxins from the soil.

Robert Bell, the assistant director of DEEP’s remediation division, told Lambeck that the agency will be waiting for GE and the city’s response before issuing a draft decision. After which, the department will hold a 45-day comment period and hearing in Bridgeport before making a final decision on the whether to issue a permit.



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