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On The Other Hand: Amidst Budget Crisis, Millions Leave District Through Large Salaries To Out Of Towners

The budget crisis in Connecticut will be hitting cities hard if state leaders don’t figure out a solution, but that doesn’t mean that the state is totally to blame for the situation places like Hartford are in.

A recent blog post by Keven Bookman who manages the Hartford based page We The People wrote something that made me rethink the narratives that’s been going around — take a look at the top salaries for Hartford Public Schools and you’ll see what I mean:

In a city that keeps claiming to be broke, the salaries paid are amazing, as well as the number of highly paid positions.

Here are the salaries for the Hartford Schools, stand by for the upcoming post for other City Hall and Department salaries.

This list I guess gives new meaning to the phrase we keep hearing, “doing more with less”.

Also, take a note of the “hometowns” and see how many of these checks go outside of Hartford, especially the one listing Atlanta, GA. ,Director of the Office of Institutional Advancement, $179,799, and what exactly does that have to do with educating children?

I guess maybe they don’t want to put their kids in Hartford’s Schools ,so they live out of town

Hartford Public Schools Salaries by kevinhfd on Scribd

What do you think?

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