Gov. Malloy Announces An additional $132 Million in Funding for State’s Lowest-Performing Schools

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced Thursday an additional $132,901,813 in funding for 30 of the lowest performing school districts in the state for the 2014-15 school year.

Bridgeport will be receiving the second largest chunk of the $132 million, at $14,704,804, a $5 million increase from last year.

This money is coming from the Alliance District program, a state initiative that came out of Malloy’s 2012 reform bill. Through this program, the state provides additional funding to high need districts to target specific educational goals.

This initiative requires districts to work with the state to come up with an improvement plan. Basically, it’s more funding in exchange for more accountability.

These improvement plans, however, are dictated by the priorities each district sets.

“With this additional funding, districts are doing everything from focusing on early literacy to adding full-day kindergarten,” said Malloy. “It’s a huge step forward, one that is led at local level to the benefit of every child in that district.”

Since its inception, the state has invested over $259 million in high need districts through this program.

Originally posted by Linda Lambeck at the Connecticut Post—here is a listing of what some of the districts are doing with the additional money this coming school year:

• 19 of the Alliance Districts are spending the money on pre-kindergarten and all-day kindergarten programs.

• 14 are using money to extend the school day or school year.

• 20 are working to improve students’ social and emotional health by hiring additional guidance counselors or mental health professionals.

• Half have bolstered programs to help English Language Learners.

• 25 or more are investing in more teacher training.



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