Freedom From Accountability? Why Not?

Would you like to never be judged at work?

Would you like an accountability holiday?

Who wouldn’t?

That’s what the union asked their members, according to the survey questions asked by the Connecticut Education Association (CEA). [Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, 2/20/2014]

That is the pudding in their proof that Common Core implementation should be stalled.

Let’s ask that second question again: Who wouldn’t want freedom from judgement?

Interestingly, the union’s survey didn’t ask whether teachers found evaluations helpful, but a recent Scholastic survey did. The Scholastic survey found that 78 percent of teachers find evaluation very or extremely helpful. [Scholastic, 2/25/2014]

So, when you hear the union demanding a moratorium on Common Core implementation, remember, it’s not teachers asking for that moratorium. The vast majority of educators, based on the data, believe that evaluation can be helpful, enabling them to do better for their kids.

But if you ask people if they want freedom from accountability, don’t be surprised if 100 percent of them respond “yes.”



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