Facts Wrong (Again), Pelto Hypocritically Attacks Vallas (Again)

Once again, Jon Pelto is on his pulpit sermonizing about Paul Vallas’  “abuse of taxpayer money.” Meanwhile, he fails to mention the state pension he’ll likely be collecting in a few years courtesy of Connecticut taxpayers.

This weekend, Pelto jumped at the opportunity to criticize out-going Bridgeport Superintendent Paul Vallas for the confusion surrounding his official end date. Pelto claimed Vallas was trying to “extort” money from Bridgeport’s Board of Education by asking to extend his healthcare coverage until June.

Pelto suggested that “the cost for his type of plan would be expected to run about $10,000 – $12,000.” However, since Vallas is a public official, it is easy to determine the actual cost of his health insurance, rather than, well, guessing. The Connecticut Post decided to do some reporting, and reported the extension of Vallas’ healthcare would only cost the district around $1,700. [Connecticut Post, 1/5/2013]

Pelto, however, himself will cost the taxpayers far more. He spent eight years as a state representative, between 1985 and 1993, which, according to the State Office of Legislative Research (OLR), means he’s eligible for a state pension once he turns 62. [OLR Research, Retirement Benefits for Legislators, 7/9/2003]

His future pension will come out of the already overburdened State Employees’ Retirement System.

Guess how much our friend Pelto paid into the fund?

Absolutely nothing! According to the OLR, Pelto did not have to contribute even a dime towards the state pension system because state representatives serving between 1984 and 1997 had no contributory costs. [OLR Research, Retirement Benefits for Legislators, 7/9/2003]

I suppose Pelto’s situation is different after all – according to Vallas’ contract, his healthcare package is a part of the district’s administrative healthcare cost sharing plan. Which means Vallas pays at least 19 percent of his healthcare premium. Pelto, on the other hand, paid exactly zero dollars towards his state pension. [BCAS Contract 2011-2014; Vallas’ Contract]



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