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Endorsed candidates not invited to public forum, event cancelled

A public forum featuring all six Board of Education candidates, sponsored by Bridgeport area League of Women Voters and Common Cause in Connecticut was set for Tuesday, 6 P.M. at the Burroughs Center in Black Rock.

The event, however, was cancelled by the League of Women Voters after Democratic endorse candidates, Kathryn Roach Bukovsky, Rev. Simon Castillo and Brandon Clark announced that they would not participate in the forum. According to a statement issued Monday, the endorsed candidates were not invited to participate by the forum’s organizers.

According to a post on the blog ‘Only in Bridgeport’, one member of the Bridgeport Area League of Women Voters said the confusion might have stemmed from communication difficulties between the League of Women Voters and its co-sponsor Common Cause. Invitations were supposed to be made via phone; however, contact between the two organizations was “almost non – existent in the days before and during Labor Day…”

By-Law chair, Jean Rabinow, said that the League of Women Voters regretted that they could not “go forward with the forum.” According to a statement she issued to Only in Bridgeport: “it was our understanding that all candidates were notified. Out of fairness to all candidates we have cancelled our event. It’s our policy not to be involved in a forum that would be one-sided.”

With only seven days until the primary, this forum would have been the only time all six candidates spoke on the same stage. About two weeks ago, Citizens for a Better Bridgeport held a public forum, however, only five of the six candidates were in attendance.


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