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Editorial: Could the Working Families Party Block Reform?

Superintendent Paul Vallas is on his way out and the new board is on its way in. Will reform efforts continue in Bridgeport? Or will the new board scrap improvements made by Vallas?

An interesting editorial in The Day Connecticut examines the Working Families Party’s rise to power and goals moving forward.

Here is an excerpt from the editorial:

“The party and the teachers have derided efforts to turn around struggling schools nationally and locally as “corporate driven,” a frequently repeated reference to companies that have financially supported educational reform efforts they see as a way to produce a better educated work force. These efforts have attracted the bipartisan support of political leaders like Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey and former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, hardly a reactionary or anti-education group.

We will be watching the Working Families Party’s next moves with interest and some concern. With Bridgeport’s school system under its control, will the party and its teachers union allies move on to troubled school systems in other Connecticut cities, large and small, in an effort seemingly designed to protect teachers at all costs? That could be a problem.”

[The Day, 11/17/2013]



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