Dunbar Shows Across the Board Gains in Science

According to state testing data released Wednesday, science proficiency at Dunbar has increase across the board, with huge gains in the number of students in both fifth and eighth grades (the two grades that take the Science test) that scored at or above proficiency on this year’s Connecticut Mastery Test.

This is wonderful news for the school which is currently in the process of yet another transition after cutting ties with their initial turnaround partner Families Urban Schools of Excellence.

State data reveals that the percentage of fifth graders at or above proficiency jumped from 29.6 percent to 40.9 percent; the school’s eighth graders did even better, with the percentage of students proficient or above increasing over twenty percent, from 21.2 percent to 43.9.

Dunbar even slightly exceeded the district’s proficiency average. Whereas about 44 percent of all Dunbar students scored at or above proficiency on the Science exam, the city’s average was 43 percent.

Once considered one of the worst schools in the district, Dunbar School has seen vast improvements over the past year after the school was selected for the Commissioner’s Network, a state program that seeks to turnaround low-performing schools by providing additional support and funding.

These science scores are just another highlight of all the progress over the past year. Dunbar also saw a dramatic decrease in both suspension rates and absenteeism.

Dunbar’s Principal Marilyn Taylor told Connecticut Post’s Linda Lambeck that the school increased interest in science by placing more emphasis on science fairs. “We removed obstacles such as providing the presentation board to all scholars. They earned a grade for their projects and our teachers remained after work hours to help scholars with their projects. Parents also encouraged participation. It was a great boost,” said Taylor.

Taylor told Lambeck that she was very proud of Dunbar’s scholars. “Our teachers and scholars have worked hard this past year… This is only the beginning. We are expecting greater gains to come.”



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