Dunbar School’s Fate Still Hangs in the Balance

Let me get this straight: Even though Dunbar has seen substantial gains over the past year, including a lower suspension and higher attendance rates, the school’s fate still hangs in the balance?

In other words, the state and the board could possibly punish children for the actions of one adult.

On Monday, the State Board of Education met for a special meeting, ending in the approval of an investigation into the finances, operation and governance of the organization that led Dunbar’s turnaround.

While most of the discussion about Dunbar School was positive, there was still an air of uncertainty. With one board member, Joseph J. Vrabely, going as far as suggesting Dunbar be put on “probation.”

For what crime is unknown, since even Vrabely said this while also admitting that the school showed signs of improvement and did nothing wrong.

Why in the world would the state board punish a school that posted high reading scores and lower suspension rates?

Oh right, because the people want a witch hunt! And by golly they’ll get one! Of course, by “people,” I mean Maria Pereira, Sauda Baraka and their flunkies.

By all accounts, the Dunbar community is happy with the improvements brought by the Commissioner’s Network, evidenced by the two dozen or so parents, students and staff members who came out to last week’s Bridgeport Board of Education meeting in support of Dunbar School.

While I agree that both the state board and Bridgeport board should do their due diligence we should perhaps be a bit concerned by the already accusatory tone Monday’s board meeting took. The last thing the students at Dunbar need is some kind of inquisition.

I think board member Terry Jones put it best:

“Although we are disappointed in the adults, and it’s usually is the adults that are the problem, fortunately in this case from all I read and heard, the students at Jumoke had a good education. It’s our responsibility to be sure that opportunity continues…”

Isn’t it the responsibility of the both the state board and the Bridgeport board to put the children first?



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