Dickson Hearing Not Over Yet?

That’s right! Despite closing the evidentiary portion of the hearing on October 4th, the Bridgeport Board of Education decided to reopen the hearing on Monday in a rare unanimous vote.

The board had been expected to resume deliberations; however, discussion centered on the fast-approaching 15-day state-sanctioned time limit and missing evidence.

Briefs were submitted on Friday—but not all the evidence was filed, which is the main reason for reopening the hearing.

Exhibit 16 was supposed to be a breakdown of office referrals and suspension data at Tisdale School. However, the board claimed the information was not complete and did not include unique counts (number of incidents by student) or a demographic breakdown as requested. According to a letter from Perez-Dickson’s attorney, Josephine Miller, she also did not receive this information.

The Board has rescheduled deliberations for Tuesday at 5:30pm –right before a jam-packed regular board meeting. Both attorneys are expected to appear before the board on Tuesday.


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