Connecticut State Board of Education Should Keep Children at Forefront

The State Board of Education has called a special meeting for Monday to discuss, perhaps, the fate of Dunbar Elementary School, among other items of interest.

Whatever board members discuss and decide what matters most is that the incredible progress made over the last year at Dunbar is reinforced and built upon.

There’s been a leadership shift at Family Urban Schools of Excellence and, as a result, the partnership between FUSE and Dunbar is being reexamined by both the local Bridgeport Board of Education and the State Board of Education.

Earlier this week, when the local board was discussing how to move forward, Bridgeport parents and teachers came out en masse to speak passionately about what Dunbar is like now.

“I finally feel like I’m a teacher,” Dunbar educator Melanie Cordero said.

Dunbar parent Anthony L. Anderson Sr, said what has happened at the school in a single year is “nothing less than remarkable.”

And he’s right — as the first set of data from the most recent school year becomes available, it’s clear that reading has improved, suspensions are down, attendance is up and the culture is changing.

That is clear and sustainable success that can and should be the basis for future successes, regardless of leadership shifts.

When the State Board of Education meets on Monday to discuss FUSE, let’s hope they keep that success in mind. Dunbar has gone from one of the worst schools in Bridgeport to a school where hope reigns king.

The State Board needs to keep that in the forefront of their minds.



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