Connecticut Public Charter Schools Among the Best High Schools in the U.S.

Reading the U.S. News piece on the best high schools in the United States — and the local analysis of it by Connecticut By The Numbers — I wonder how anyone could be against high-quality public school options.

Look at the top 12 schools. They fall into two categories, with no exceptions: Schools in wealthy towns and public school options like charters and magnets.

For example, New Haven’s Amistad Academy was ranked at number 4 in Connecticut, and number 245 in the United States. The only Connecticut schools that ranked better were Weston High school (in arguably the wealthiest town in Connecticut) and two science-focused magnet schools.

Now, you may be asking, where did Bridgeport’s schools rank? Nowhere.To be eligible for a state ranking, a school must have been awarded a national gold or silver medal, and Bridgeport’s schools did not make the cut.

For the sake of context, it’s important to note that Weston High School is about 10 minutes from Bridgeport, as the crow flies. Schools in Fairfield were ranked quite well, right down the road.

Schools in Hartford and New Haven were ranked well — again particularly the high-quality public education options like charter schools and magnet schools.

But not Bridgeport.

Bridgeport’s schools were marked down considerably for low performance and high teacher-student ratios. All of which begs few questions.

Why is the Bridgeport Board of Education against the pair of public charter schools the state approved to open in the Park City? Why are they willing to spend what may amount to millions in legal fees fighting the city’s best chance to educate its children?



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