Common Core Supported by Teachers, At Least According to Teachers’ Unions

When Jon Pelto talks about teachers and school administrators resisting implementation of Common Core State Standards, they should perhaps have been clearer: They’re talking about special interest groups, not actual, made-of-flesh-and-work-in-a-classroom teachers.

For example, when the blogger wrote this week about some school administrators who had — at least according to Jon Pelto — announced their opposition to Common Core, he conveniently forgot to mention the many thousands of educators who have said they are excited about Common Core.

Most teachers are strongly in favor of Common Core. That might be because they don’t rely on Jon Pelto for their information.

Support for Common Core among teachers is clear. Since the standards were developed and adopted by states like Connecticut, no fewer than five surveys and polls of educators has been released showing that teachers are enthusiastic about Common Core.

Take, for example, this Scholastic poll showing that nearly three out of every four math, English, science, and social studies teachers in Connecticut are looking forward to the implementation of the Common Core.[Scholastic, Primary Sources, Connecticut, 2013]

Or how about this American Federation of Teachers poll. In the associated press release, union leader Randi Weingarten said, “The Common Core standards are crucial to preparing our children for college, career and life.” [American Federation of Teachers, 5/3/2013]

A National Education Association poll showed 75 percent of the organization’s membership in support of Common Core. [National Education Association, 9/12/2013]

“The new standards are a game-changer for the students in our nation’s public school system,” said National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel in the accompanying press release.

Then there’s the National Association of Elementary School Principals survey that showed showing 80 percent of support for Common Core. And the Gallup Poll of school district superintendents that showed a majority of superintendents saying the Common Core standards will improve the quality of education in their communities. [National Association of Elementary School Principals, Leadership for the Common Core; Gallup-Education Week Superintendent Panel]

So let’s not play games anymore, shall we? Teachers are clearly behind Common Core, at least about two-thirds of them in Connecticut. To suggest that there’s some “uprising” of educators against the Common Core, as the once-relevant-and-still-very-imaginative blogger Jon Pelto has, is disingenuous at best.

At worst, it’s a flat-out fib.



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