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Clock is ticking for Superintendent Vallas

CT Post reported that, as of this morning, the city attorney’s office has not filed an appeal against the June 28th decision made by Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis’ to remove Superintendent Vallas from his position.

In the article, mayoral spokeswomen Elaine Ficarra replied, “We have already opposed their motion to terminate the stay and that matter will be taken up by the court, the substantive appeal on behalf of Superintendent Vallas will be filed within the time period allowed.”

However, Carmen Lopez’s lawyers have already asked a judge to remove Vallas immediately. No hearing date has been scheduled for this motion.

Since the decision to oust Vallas as superintendent of Bridgeport schools, there has been mudslinging from both sides. In a NBC Chicago report Vallas expressed that he felt he was a target for union-backed anti-reform groups. Furthering his argument against the decision, he went on to say, “Measuring effectiveness by seat time is a little silly,” Vallas said. “What am I supposed to do, run Bridgeport and sit in a class for 13 months?”

In response to these comments, Taylor Leake, communications director for the Connecticut WFP, issued a statement last Friday:

“While the court decision was welcome, Paul Vallas is entirely wrong to say that the Working Families Party had anything to do with this lawsuit.”

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