CEA’s Own Data: Teachers Support the Common Core

I want to make this very, very clear: The following statistics were taken directly from the Connecticut Education Association’s (CEA) own poll. [Greenberg Quinan Rosner Research, 2/20/2014]

When the CEA dragged out the megaphone this week to rally the troops against the Common Core, they neglected to mention the following information from their own survey.

Again, these are their facts, not mine:

• 64 percent of Connecticut teachers support the Common Core.

• Nearly half of teachers who support the Common Core believe it will “help students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.”

• On their zero-to-10 scale of how well teachers think their school is doing on implementation, only 36 percent of teachers gave Common Core implementation a four or below. (5 is their middle point, neither good nor bad, so should be excluded.)

• And, hysterically, the number 1 concern about the Common Core is that it is being implemented without field testing.

That last bullet is especially funny because the union is engaging in a high-pressure sell telling parents to opt out of the field testing going on in districts right now.

Based on the CEA’s own data, it’s pretty clear that teachers do support the Common Core, whatever the union wants to say.



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