CEA’s Latest Distortion: Do Parents Really Want to Eliminate Testing As Much As Union Members?

Last week the Connecticut Education Association (CEA), the state’s largest teacher’s union, published a blog post on the results of a recent Phi Delta Kappa(PDK)/Gallup poll that alleges that parents claims parents hate standardized testing.

Of course, this conclusion completely disregards mounting evidence to the contrary.

While the PDK/Gallup poll did find that around 64 percent of public school parents believe there is an overemphasis on testing, the CEA article failed to mention that a majority of those same parents responded that they opposed opting their children out of those same tests.


Perhaps the CEA doesn’t realize that just because parents perceive there is an overemphasis on standardized testing, doesn’t mean parents support the elimination of annual tests, as the teacher union implies.

Even more curious, a recent poll published by Education Next found that 66 percent of parents and 67 percent of the general population support annual standardized testing.

Why didn’t the CEA write a blog post about those findings?

The difference in the two surveys probably has something to do with the fact PDK, a professional organization for educators, are notorious upholders of the status quo. In fact, the Center for Education Reform has been tracking PDK’s annual spin for years.

PDK has a long history of posing leading questions, and this year was no exception.

Instead of asking directly whether respondents support annual standardized testing, as the Education Next pollsters had done, PDK asks whether respondents feel there is “too much emphasis on testing.”

You don’t have to be a professional pollster to realize PDK is presenting a leading question.



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