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Carmen Perez-Dickson Termination Hearing: Were the Tapes Doctored?

During Friday’s termination hearing, Tisdale Principal Carmen Perez-Dickson claimed she thought the tapes were “doctored.”

The three now infamous tapes allegedly show the Tisdale Principal “manhandling” two kindergarten students under her care. In order to protect the student’s identities, none of the tapes were released to the public.

During Perez-Dickson’s retelling of the February 19th incident, which involved a kindergarten boy who was picked up by his arm, she claimed the tapes were cut short, only showing her holding the child.

In previous testimony, witnesses claimed that Perez-Dickson continued to drag the boy. Perez-Dickson said that after the video cuts out, she handed the child off to the two security guards who were also at the scene.

That being said, Perez-Dickson told Dr. Kase she couldn’t recall what happened that day. Yet, now, over a year later, she can recall what happened after the video cut out?

It got even crazier.

Later on in Perez-Dickson’s testimony, she claimed she pulled the girl in the second video by both legs as she “slid” her from underneath a classroom desk. When she watched the tape, however, it showed her dragging the girl by one leg. She later said, “I don’t know how this is done,” implying that her arm and/or the child’s leg was somehow edited out the second video.

It’s certainly possible that the tapes were cut to only show Perez-Dickson, but I find it highly unlikely the administration or other interested parties paid a professional to edit out whole limbs from the tapes.

Unfortunately, there is really no way for the public to know whether the tapes were doctored as Perez-Dickson claimed they were—but her story is a bit ridiculous and doesn’t really add up.


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