Carmen Lopez Runs Board Meetings Months After Suing the Board?

Carmen Lopez At BOE Meeting


Why is a person who sued the city and school board allowed to speak for board members during a public board meeting?

Let’s ask that question again: Why is someone, who filed a spurious lawsuit against the school board and cost the city millions in legal fees, allowed to speak for members of the board of education at a public board meeting?

At a committee meeting Wednesday night, former judge Carmen Lopez stood up and literally ran things, ostensibly on behalf of Working Families Party puppet John Bagley.

You remember Carmen Lopez. She’s the one who, only last year, filed a lawsuit against the city, state and superintendent because she didn’t like Paul Vallas. The State Supreme Court tossed the case, of course, but the city was forced to spend millions defending itself and its employees against a judge-turned-activist with a chip on her shoulder.

Now she’s running meetings for John Bagley? What’s wrong with Bagley? Can’t he speak for himself?

Take note, voters: Bagley has relinquished his chair to an activist instead of, you know, doing the job he was elected to do.

The Working Families Party steadfastly denied being the driving force behind the Vallas lawsuit, but it’s clear now from whence the grease originates. Lopez is a mouthpiece, much like Maria Pereira, the other Working Families Party shill who took control Wednesday night.

It is shameful how obviously Bagley, Sauda Baraka and the other Working Families Party-controlled members of the board are little more than marionettes, with strings being pulled by Pereira and her betters.

It’s also apparent that when the board does decide to hire its own lawyer, who will get the job has already been decided.

Not bad for someone who sued the board less than a year ago.



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