Calling All Context: McEnroe Cherrypicks News Stories

Colin McEnroe’s latest musing does nothing for the man’s reputation as an independent news producer. He has a right to his opinion, but when a WNPR host writes a column in the Courant, one would hope he would at least look at the news in context.

McEnroe saw fit to list “scandals” involving charter schools across the country, suggesting, in the process, that charter schools hold the patent on scandal. They don’t. Yet McEnroe casts aspersions on the entire movement, as if everyone who works at or advocates for a charter school is somehow evil.

Crimes involving any school are terrible, and charter schools like other public schools are not immune to criminal behavior. Criminality can take hold in public institutions of any kind.

And so I ask Mr. McEnroe, where was he when Henry Centrella stole millions from Winsted’s public schools? Where was Colin’s acerbic wit then?

McEnroe was strangely silent when police were investigating the theft of funds at Kinsella Magnet School of the Performing Arts in Hartford.

When a priest was accused of stealing money from Greenwich Catholic School, McEnroe did not pipe up in any way.

And that’s just a few from Connecticut. However, McEnroe had no problem cherry-picking cases of alleged criminal behavior from across the United States, when it involved charter schools.

The question is not if and where criminal behavior can crop up, because I know, as you know and as Colin McEnroe, as a long-time, well respected member of the news media certainly knows, criminality can occur anywhere.

The question is, are public charter school employees and students protected similarly to other public school employees?



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