Bring Perry’s Hartford Success to Bridgeport

The fact that Dr. Steve Perry wants to jump into the educational frying pan that is Bridgeport is a credit to his commitment. Folks like the once-kinda-relevant Jonathan Pelto, who seem to look at the world through a rose-colored funhouse mirror, have not made Perry’s job easy.

Once again, ignoring the reality of what kids and parents in Bridgeport must content themselves with, Pelto’s latest diatribe raises imaginary concerns, all but accusing Perry of some made-up crime.

Bridgeport kids would be lucky to have Dr. Perry recreate his Hartford success in the Park City. The reality of education in Bridgeport is not pleasant. The reality is that one out of three kids in Bridgeport don’t graduate from high school. [State Department of Education, Preference Report 2012-2013, Bridgeport]

The reality is that half of Bridgeport’s students are performing below grade average, a statistic that gets worse when you look only at minority and low-income students.

Now imagine what Perry could bring to Bridgeport.

Imagine, if you will, a public school that graduates 98 percent of its students.

Imagine a public school that is as or more diverse than the school district and is considered one of “America’s Best High Schools.”

Imagine a public school where high school students are performing better in many subjects than the district average.

All that is true at Capital Prep, the public magnet school founded by Dr. Steve Perry.

That is what Pelto wants to prevent?

Instead of bowing to Pelto’s status quo wishes, here’s to hoping Perry brings his reality to Bridgeport.



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