Bridgeport’s Great Oaks School Holds First Lottery

Exciting stuff is happening in Bridgeport tonight. The city’s newest public charter school, Great Oaks, will hold its inaugural blind lottery meeting Monday night at 6 p.m.

Despite the Board of Education’s attempts at halting the expansion of charter schools, it’s clear there is great demand.

According to a press release sent out by the school, Great Oaks was flooded with applications, with over 300 students applying for the 100 sixth grade spots available this year.

The school which set to open this fall, will start with grade six, but will expand to include 6-12 in subsequent years.

“We’ve gotten applicants from neighborhoods all across Bridgeport, and more than half are self-identified as English language learners,” said Christina Grant, one the school’s founders in a prepared statement.

“We are thrilled with the enthusiastic response to Great Oaks, it is clear that the parents in Bridgeport want this school. We look forward to finalizing choices for the first class, tonight,” added Grant.

Great Oaks, which is based off the highly successful Match School in Boston, will focus on supporting ELL students—which account for about 13 percent of Bridgeport’s student population— through intensive tutoring, an extended day and “rigorous academics.”

According to the press release sent out by the school, students who are chosen in tonight’s blind lottery will be notified this week, students who are not chosen will be placed on the school’s waiting list.



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