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Bridgeport’s Board to Discuss Parent Issues at Batalla

The concerns of Cesar Batalla parents, who have waited over three months for the board to discuss some of the shenanigans pulled by the Working Families Party align-District Parent Advisory Council, will finally be heard.

The school board’s Community Engagement Committee will meet today, Thursday, April 10th at 5pm, in City Hall Room 305, 45 Lyon Terrace, to discuss Batalla parent concerns as well as other issues, including Bryant School’s turnaround plan.

To refresh your memory, about three months ago Batalla parents asked the Bridgeport Board of Education to investigate the firing of their Parent Council President, Juan Torrealba.



Parents were not at all involved in the ousting of former Batalla Parents Advisory Council President Juan Torrealba. The District Parents Council leadership voted behind closed doors to get rid of Torrealba, after he refused to reschedule a protest against Mayor Finch.

Before he was ousted, Torrealba organized parents to rally against a police shooting range which would have been built across the street from Batalla School. However, Torrealba and the parents at Batalla cancelled the rally when Mayor Finch made the decision to move the shooting range to a different location.

This didn’t sit well with the Working Families Party-aligned District Parents Advisory Council, who were more concerned about opposing Finch than the issue of a shooting range across the street from an elementary school.

This is only one of the many parent complaints raised about the totalitarian nature of the District Parents Advisory Council.

There were also reports of parents being thrown out of public meetings by police escort for the mere crime of speak out against bylaws that restrict parent involvement.

Which is no surprise since, by most accounts, the current District Parent Advisory Council grabbed power by excluding hundreds of parents’ votes with the help of the Working Families Party.

Parents in Bridgeport are too often left out of the discussion or excluded by political operatives more interested in scoring cheap political points than educating children.

The last thing that Bridgeport parents need is to be left out by an organization that is federally mandated to encourage parent involvement.

It’s about time the board looks into these indiscretions.



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