Bridgeport WFP Members So Obscure They’re Unknown to the WFP-Majority Board of Education

On the top of my list of things that are absolutely absurd: No one on the Working Families Party-majority Bridgeport Board of Education knows who the three registered Working Families Party members even are.

At Wednesday’s special meeting, David Hennessey read the names of the three Bridgeport residents registered as members of the Working Families Party — presumably the only people eligible for John Bagley’s open seat.

In a scene that was both hilarious and sickening, the board was dumbfounded as to who these people are.

Keep in mind, the Working Families Party is the majority party on the board. It, with the help of the Connecticut Education Association’s Political Action Committee, bankrolled the majority of the candidates currently elected to the board.

As reported by Education Bridgeport! last year, the Working Families Party was deeply connected to the slate of candidates that ultimately won last year’s primary. Between their Campaign Committee and Political Action Committee, the Working Families Party gave the slate around $6,000 in campaign donations. Not to mention the fact that the Working Families Party’s largest contributor during that campaign season were the two teachers unions, who financed the victorious slate’s campaign with over $150,000 in contributions.

The Working Families Party slate and the slate even appeared to use the same campaign headquarters.

How is that a minor party, whose ranks makes up less than .005 percent of Bridgeport voters, can control the school board? And, while we’re asking, how is it that members of the Bridgeport Board of Education don’t know any members of the party that got them elected?



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