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Bridgeport Schools to Receive $11 million in Federal Grants

Tuesday, Superintendent Paul Vallas announced Bridgeport Public Schools will receive an $11.1 million federal grant over the next three years. The grant was awarded through the U.S. Department of Education’s Magnet Schools Assistance Program. The district will receive $3.2 million in the first year, and then $3.9 million in the second and third years. This grant will help fund the city’s four new inter-district magnet high schools— three new STEM-centered Science Academies and the Military Academy— housed in Fairchild Wheeler.

The money will be used to fund a partnership program with local universities to help develop curriculum and provide professional development to teachers. In addition, the district plans to use the money on “cutting edge” classroom resources, and to hire additional Magnet Resource Teachers.

Here is an excerpt from today’s news release:

“There are three key components to raising achievement: ensuring every student is able to attend an effective school, investing in teachers, and providing teachers the tools they need,” said Superintendent Vallas. “We are grateful to the US Department of Education for awarding us with this generous grant for our magnet schools. It provides Bridgeport with the funds to ensure that each of these priorities are met.”

Each of the new magnet schools is designed around a core theme connected to career-readiness skills. The Fairchild Wheeler Campus is comprised of the Information Technology High School, the Zoological Science High School, and the Engineering and Aerospace High School. The Bridgeport Military Academy focuses on skills and careers related to emergency first responders, such as police, fire and EMT. The additional funds available through this grant will be used to make the themes come alive for students through purchases of flight simulation equipment, robotics technology, additional software for the development of student-created computer applications and emergency assistance simulation equipment for BMA programs…”

[Bridgeport Public Schools, 10/1/2013]



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