Bridgeport School Board Attempts To Impose Its Will Through District-wide “Blueprint”

Once again, the board is pushing their own agenda by limiting the powers of the superintendent.

Right now it’s still in the planning stages, but the new board wants to develop a “district-wide reform blue-print” — in other words, a policy plan that could effectively block new reforms in Bridgeport.

On the surface, it sounds like a wonderful idea: A “community” driven, long-term plan, that would be resistant to superintendent turnover.

It’s lovely until you realize who’s pushing this initiative.

The Working Families Party-controlled School Board doesn’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to involving the broader community. Let’s not forget the Facilities Committee meeting that was “opened to public” but never announced. [Education Bridgeport, 2/13/2014]

Or how about the rigged District Parent Advocacy Council run election that went awry? [Education Bridgeport, 12/31/2014]

Howard Gardner, the board member who proposed the plan at last month’s board retreat, said the new reform plan will “serve practical purposes” by providing a consistent guide for new initiatives.

So, in order for a superintendent and his or her team to adjust curriculum or make changes on the school level, they have to make sure it follows a plan put in place by the Board of Education?

Since when is it the board’s job to micro-manage superintendents?

One interesting note: At the last Processing Committee meeting, Gardner said he wanted to fast-track the development of this plan in order for it to be done before Bryant and Marin Schools came up with their turnaround plans.

While it’s unlikely that will happen, it’s clear that the board is pushing the idea of a “blueprint” so they can impose their own philosophy on the district and its schools.

These are the very same board members who owe their election to the $138,000 the unions spent on independent expenditures on their behalf. [Education Bridgeport, 12/9/2014]



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