Bridgeport Public Schools Receive a ‘D’ on Their Report Card

The education advocacy group Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCan) released their annual school report cards on Thursday, giving Bridgeport Public Schools a ‘D’ for overall academic performance.

Not exactly the news you want to hear the first day of school.

It’s sad to say I’m not surprised by the results. Bridgeport’s selective magnet schools—Multicultural Magnet, Park City Magnet and High Horizons—all had high marks, while the rest of the schools, on average, did poorly.

If you look at the rest of the elementary and middle schools available to Bridgeport students, 23 out of 29 of them scored a ‘D’ or lower. Of the six schools that scored above a ‘D’, only one of them was a traditional public school. (If you’re wondering, it was Winthrop School)

To put that in another way, a third of all Bridgeport schools scored an ‘F.’

Even more shocking—when ConnCan broke up the data based on how well schools are serving students of special populations, Bridgeport fared far worse. For example, there were zero high schools that scored higher than an ‘F’ in how well they served English Language Learners.

Now, what does all this actually mean?

According to ConnCan, the letter grades are based on the state’s 2013 School Performance Index (SPI), which is a number the state boils down based on various data points, including state testing scores.

As explained on their website, an ‘A’ grade means students at a school, on average, performed at grade level. Conversely, an ‘F’ score means most students performed significantly lower than grade level. ‘C’ represents the state average.

So, in other words, the majority of Bridgeport students in the majority of Bridgeport schools aren’t performing on grade level.


Take a look at the district overview:

2013 Bridgeport School Report Card



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