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Bridgeport: Public Hearing on Capital Prep Charter School

On Tuesday, from 6-8pm at Fairchild Wheeler, the state Board of Education will be holding a public hearing on Capital Prep Harbor Charter School, a school modeled after the highly successful Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford.

If last’s week’s forum on Great Oaks is any indication, we can look forward to lots of angry yelling, inaccurate claims about the “evils of charter schools,” and false rhetoric.

This is what you won’t hear from these “activists”: The truth.

  • The truth is one out of three kids in Bridgeport don’t graduate from high school.
  • About half of Bridgeport’s students are performing below grade average.

These statistics get even worse when you look at low-income and minority students. This is the reality Bridgeport parents and students must face everyday

The Bridgeport Board of Education, which recently voted to support a moratorium on charter schools without broad public input, clearly refuses to face these facts.

Why not give parents the choice to seek better opportunities for their children. What better way to do this than to provide an option with a proven record of success?

Capital Prep in Hartford, the school model Capital Prep Harbor School will be based on, has a graduation rate of 97 percent, which is 30 percentage points higher than the district’s and leaps and bounds better than Bridgeport’s.

Capital Prep also outperformed their home district in every single subject on state testing, despite serving a similar population of students.

Don’t Bridgeport students deserve the same quality of education other students in the state are afforded?

Please let Dr. Perry Bring his Hartford success to Bridgeport!



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