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Bridgeport Parents Rally Against Possible Lawsuit

Bridgeport parents are fighting back!

With support from the advocacy group Families for Excellent Schools, parents will be holding a press conference prior to tonight’s Board of Education meeting, at 5pm in front of the Aquaculture School, 60 St. Stephen’s Road, Bridgeport.

Parents will be discussing the board’s likely decision to seek legal action against the state over the two new charter schools approved for Bridgeport— a matter which is expected to be voted on during tonight’s meeting.

Bridgeport charter parents are rightly concerned over the possible lawsuit, which would attempt to block the opening of Great Oaks and Capital Prep Harbor Schools, two schools based on highly successful school models.

With over 1,100 students on charter school waiting lists in Bridgeport, it’s really no wonder parents are organizing against this possible lawsuit, which unlike charter schools, would actually divert money away from the district and block children from receiving a quality education.

The board, led by chairwoman Sauda Baraka, has been dead set against these two schools from the beginning, even going as far as passing a sham resolution against the opening of charters in Bridgeport–a measure which they knew had not legal standing.

In addition to the possible lawsuit, parents will be discussing the Freedom of Information Act requests they filed, which asked for the board to release information about the moratorium against charters passed about a month ago, as well as information about charter school funding.

The request is currently past due, with no response from the board as of yet.



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