Bridgeport Parents Join Rally in New Haven to Demand Excellent Schools for All

Wednesday’s rally may have taken place in front of New Haven’s City Hall, but Bridgeport was well represented.

According to the rally’s host, the For Every Child coalition, a third of the nearly 6,000 parents, community leaders and elected officials who packed New Haven’s historic green Wednesday morning traveled from the Park City to urge state legislators to take “bold” action to ensure all children in Connecticut receive a quality education.

Thousands of parents and students donned lime green t-shirts, braving the cold and freezing rain while holding up signs that read “fight for every child” and “kids can’t wait.”

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Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch’s speech focused on his support for universal preschool access and funding equity for public schools.

“ We need to ensure that all kids have access to the high quality schools they deserve so that they can compete for these new jobs of the 21 century,” said Mayor Finch.

“What a sin it would be if we brought all these jobs and our own children weren’t educated enough to fill them.That’s why pre-k access for all the kids in Bridgeport is important to me.”

New Beginnings principal and Bridgeport native Ronelle Swagerty said the goal was to make sure all public schools are “successful.”

“Bridgeport is one of Connecticut’s largest and poorest cities, but so what?” said Swagerty. “That doesn’t mean our children cannot achieve greatness.”



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