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Bridgeport BOE Wants New Tablets for Themselves, Yet Can’t Provide Basic Classroom Necessities

If you’re wondering if the Bridgeport Board of Education has their priorities straight, look no further than the agenda for tonight’s regular board meeting.

According to tonight’s agenda, the board is set to discuss “an update on tablets for Board Members.”

Yes. You read that right. The same Board of Education that was talking about suing the state over school funding less than a week ago, is now thinking about buying themselves new tablet computers.

Other Connecticut school districts are investing in iPads for students — Glastonbury, for example — which would be a spectacular idea for Bridgeport once they figure out how to pay for textbooks.

According to Linda Lambeck at the Connecticut Post, Board Chairwoman Sauda Baraka claims buying tablets for all nine board members will save money on paper, because instead of printing out board packets they will be sent via email.

Here’s the problem with that: Why can’t the board use their own computers? This is especially troubling considering the school district doesn’t even provide tablets to administrators. At the moment, teacher evaluations are being performed using administrators’ personal computers.

For that matter, how is the board about to afford around $3,000 dollars to buy themselves new equipment, yet they can’t provide more than $30 to teachers for essential classroom supplies like paper and pencils?

Say it with me now … “priorities.”



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