Bridgeport BOE to Name New Members of Dunbar’s Turnaround Committee

After over a week, Bridgeport’s school board has finally decided to choose their two representatives to Dunbar School’s new turnaround committee. They will be meeting tonight in City Hall Room 305 at 6:30 p.m. to make their decision.

This means that Dunbar’s new committee will have less than four weeks to come up with a new model for the school.

It was announced at last Thursday’s community forum that the school, which recently cut ties with their original turnaround partner Families Urban Schools of Excellence, would have to form a new committee and come up with a new school plan to be approved by the state Board of Education.

At the forum, Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz told parents neither her nor the board was looking to make dramatic changes to what has already worked at the school. That said, the new committee will still have a huge task ahead of them, as they will be responsible for picking a new partner for the school.



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