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Bridgeport BOE to Decide on School Turnaround Committee Representatives

The Bridgeport Board of Education’s Community Engagement Committee will meet at Luis Munoz Marin School on Wednesday and Bryant School on Thursday at 6pm to decide on parent and administrative representatives for both schools’ turnaround committees.

Marin and Bryant Schools were invited by the State Department of Education to establish turnaround committees and develop turnaround plans to be considered for selection into the Commissioner’s Network— a state program which provides schools with additional resources and money.

According to the school scorecards release earlier this month, Marin and Bryant are Bridgeport’s two lowest preforming schools. At Marin School only 15% of students met grade level goals on the CMTs last year. If either school is selected for the Commissioner’s Network, the community would have the opportunity to develop turnaround plans to help these troubled schools. [Hartford Courant, SPI Searchable Database, 12/5/2013]

The next step in the process for applying to the Commissioner’s Network is picking parent, teacher and administrator representatives. The Board of Education gets to pick one parent and one administrator, who will then be voting members of a committee tasked with developing a turnaround model to submit to the state.

In addition to the two members selected by the school board, the teacher’s union and superintendent will also select representatives to serve on the schools’ turnaround committees. [Connecticut State Department of Education Turnaround Office, Commissioner’s Network, 1/2013]


To view the agendas for both meetings:

[Bridgeport Board of Education, Community Engagement Meeting, 12/18/2013; Community Engagement Meeting, 12/19/2013]



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