Bridgeport BOE Should Abandon Their Opposition to Roosevelt Soccer Field

If the Bridgeport Board of Education continues to seek the removal of the soccer field at the new Roosevelt School, it proves that they care more about their union supporters than the children of Bridgeport.

On October 14, the board voted to “send a message” to the city, asking them to replace a soccer field in front of the school that would provide much needed recreation space for children, with a parking lot for adults.

This “message,” of course, came after union president Rob Traber railed against the city, saying they were in violation of the union’s contract because they are only providing 30 onsite parking spots for around 50 teachers. (There are actually 45 onsite parking spots.)

The issue is that the plans were changed back in the spring of 2012 to include a soccer field, which took away some onsite parking. At the moment, the new school is set to include 45 onsite space as well as 50-55 offsite spots.

These offsite spots are a problem to the union because—get this—they are across the street.

According to a press release sent out by the city, “the offsite parking lot at the new Roosevelt School includes seven twenty-foot lights, four blue emergency phones, and up to eight cameras.”

Despite all this, the union insists that either the soccer field has to go, or the city has to buy the adjacent property through eminent domain to create a new parking lot.

It gets better. BEA fan-girl, former board member Maria Pereira actually had the gall to say that while parking across the street was too “dangerous” for teachers, Roosevelt students should have to walk six blocks to Seaside Park. Here’s a comment she left on a recent Connecticut Post article:

“The need for an on-site soccer field at Roosevelt School is not a necessity. The school is just down the street from Seaside Park and children and parents could easily get to the soccer fields there.”

Just to recap: Not only is it the union and its lackeys fighting against something that will benefit children — but they’re also saying kids should have to walk 6 blocks, so that teachers don’t have to cross one well-lit surveilled street.

Apparently they also don’t care about the people living in the neighborhood since they cavalierly offered up their houses to the city for demolition.

Nice. Real nice.



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