Bridgeport BOE Set to Break FOI Law by Holding Illegal Meeting on Bagley Vacancy – Update

Update:  The Bridgeport Board of Education cancelled the illegal “emergency” meeting on Monday, rescheduling it as a special board meeting on Wednesday, November 5 at 5 P.M. in City Hall Room 305.


Once again, the Bridgeport Board of Education has decided that they’re above the law.

At around 10:30 this morning, the board cancelled a Student Engagement Committee meeting originally scheduled for 6:30 P.M. to make way for an “emergency” meeting on the vacancy left by John Bagley’s recent resignation — in clear violation of the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

While there are provisions in the state’s FOI law that allow public agencies to hold meetings in certain emergency situations without prior notice, according to a series of tweets posted by Connecticut Post’s Linda Lambeck, Tom Hennick at the FOI Commission told her tonight’s meeting did not meet the criteria of an emergency:

Despite this revelation, according Lambeck, the board is pushing forward with this meeting anyway — because, really, when have they ever followed FOI law?



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