Bridgeport BOE Leaves the Door Open for More Wasteful Lawsuits

The Bridgeport Board of Education took a non-committal route at last night’s board meeting, neither voting on suing over state charter schools nor indicating whether future attempts to block them were off the table.

While there is still a lot of uncertainty looming, the board has decided not to pursue a lawsuit against the state for now.

The board spent over 45 minutes in executive session to discuss legal advice given by attorney Thomas Mooney at the tail end of the meeting. Mooney had been contracted by the board to research whether there was a basis to challenge the state over the two charter schools that were approved to open in Bridgeport over the next two years.

As Education Bridgeport! originally reported on Friday, Mooney believed the board had no basis to the challenge the state and told them their only option moving forward would be to “take a more aggressive approach” in the future if other charter schools are proposed.

When the board emerged from executive session, rather than the expected vote on the issue, they released a prepared statement that made little mention of the potential lawsuit. Instead the board stated they “must remain vigilant on this issue.”

The statement, read aloud by Chairwoman Sauda Baraka, did threaten the state with legal action if any additional charters were proposed in the future.

”If any additional charter schools be proposed for Bridgeport, I propose that we intervene in the process and take any necessary legal action to oppose such applications,” read Baraka.

Thankfully, Mooney volunteered not to charge the district for his legal advice, so this farce didn’t cost the district any money.

It did, however, waste a significant amount of time. Time that could have been spent discussing how to better serve the district‘s English Language Learners or how to address the district’s graduation rates.

Luckily Great Oaks and Capital Prep are ready to step in where the Bridgeport Board of Education is failing.



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